REACT (Responding to Armed Conflict) School Workshops 2016

By Lucy Stewart
14th January 2016

Today’s youth will be the leaders of tomorrow and as such it is vital that they are informed, responsible global citizens who value diversity, and practice tolerance, critical thinking and understanding.

The Peace Foundation’s Responding to Armed Conflict (REACT) presentation is available for free to all high schools in the wider Auckland region. The presentation focuses on issues of armed conflict and promotes peaceful solutions and nuclear disarmament. The purpose of the presentation is to raise awareness and promote discussion among young people on these issues and present them with ways that they can engage in global issues in a peaceful way. Our topics vary from presentation to presentation depending on schools’ needs and wishes.

The REACT program this year has been going from strength to strength with numerous successful presentations to a range of high schools across Auckland. We have an experienced research team who have a lot of expertise in the field of peace and disarmament and are eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Topics requested by schools this year have been varied and challenging: nuclear disarmament, terrorism, ISIS, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Ebola and its connection to conflict and poverty, the Baltimore Riots, conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa and child soldiers.

Our REACT team have been thoroughly impressed by the attentiveness of the students we have presented to and their insightful questions and discussions on the issues. It is obvious the desire of students to help bring about change in the wider world.

Some comments from students regarding our presentations:

"They put the situation in another perspective that was very encouraging and open."
"I learned the factors that had contributed to this issue and that it was different from what was first perceived."
"Great ideas were brought up, and I really enjoyed it! Thank you Peace Foundation for bringing up great ideas."

The REACT presentation can be delivered to class groups, lunchtime clubs or school assemblies. The content is flexible depending on a school’s needs and wishes and we are happy to adjust our topics to fit into NCEA requirements. If you would like to book the REACT team to present at your school, please email us at: or contact us on: 09 373 2379

We look forward to hearing from you.