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Release Greenpeace acitivists and freelancers “Arctic 30”

Message of Solidarity – 17 October 2013 The Peace Foundation is deeply concerned that 30 Greenpeace activists including two Kiwis, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer – dubbed the ‘Arctic 30’ – have been charged with piracy by a Russian court. Offshore oil production in the Arctic is a matter of legitimate public concern considering climate change and disaster response in the region. Characterising protesters as pirates, who have traditionally been considered as “hostis humani generis” – the enemy of mankind, is inappropriate and undermines the efforts of the international consensus on the definition of this offence. ‘Arctic 30’ was following a peaceful protest against offshore oil drilling at Gazprom oil platform in the Pechora Sea, which is not an offence. It does not violate Article 101 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, whereas piracy applies to illegal acts of violence, detention or depredation committed against a ship or aircraft for private ends. The Peace Foundation has sent an Email to the Russian Embassy to Free the Arctic 30 just like nearly 1.5 million people have done since the protestors were charged. ENDS Watch here the Greenpeace video of the Global Day of Solidarity for the Arctic 30: