Schools' Peace Week

Schools' Peace Week 2017: Aotearoa New Zealand 30 years Nuclear Free

Schools' Peace Week 2017 was held from August 7th - 11th 2017, so put this in your school calendar and 'Save the Date'! In 2016 we had 264 schools take part in Schools’ Peace Week across Aotearoa NZ, and the globe, and we're planning for 2017 to be even bigger! 

2017 was an especially important year for Schools' Peace Week, as it is also the 30th Anniversary of New Zealand's Nuclear Free Zone Act. As such, the Schools' Peace Week theme for 2017 was: Aotearoa New Zealand - 30 years Nuclear Free (#nuclearfreeNZ #nznf30 #schoolspeaceweek). Peace groups, schools and students across the country will be getting involved in peace and disarmament education and celebrating New Zealand's success as a peacemaking nation and a world leader in nuclear disarmament. 

If you haven't been involved in Schools' Peace Week before, you might like to check out last year's event here:

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All the best and we've celebrated Schools' Peace Week 2017 with you and your school community.