Research and Reports


Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Relationship Education:

A recent report, released to all New Zealand schools in May 2015 by the Ministry of Education, entitled: “Relationship Education Programmes: A Guide for Schools”, by Dr Gillian Tasker (Cool Schools Wellington regional trainer), states that:

"Relationship education supports the vision of The New Zealand Curriculum so that young people will be confident, connected and lifelong learners. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a key component of Relationship Education and is addressed in the learning and development of young people when they are exposed to the social skills taught in the Cool Schools and LtPM Programmes. Recent research shows that school wide implementation of restorative practices and peer mediation leads to improved academic outcomes, improved behaviour and a school culture where the health and wellbeing of staff and students is enhanced."
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Something to consider…

Has your school got a policy on ‘bullying’? Do your students, teachers and parents have a clear understanding of what ‘bullying’ is? This should be part of your school policy. Peer mediators also need to know that ‘bullying’ is not behaviour they deal with. A helpful resource from the Ministry of Education sent to all New Zealand schools in June 2014 and updated in May 2015 is "Bullying prevention and response: A Guide for Schools".
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