Lucy Stewart

Youth Coordinator

Lucy StewartLucy Stewart is the Youth Programmes Coordinator delivering a range of Peace Education and Disarmament Programs to youth groups around Auckland. Her programs involve Responding to Armed Conflict (REACT), Schools' Peace Week, Youth Week, and the busy internship programme. Lucy has a Masters of Professional Studies in International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Auckland. Lucy completed her undergraduate degree in International Relations at Victoria University in Wellington. Aside from her academic qualifications, Lucy brings a range of life experience having travelled extensively throughout Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and the Caucasus region. She also spent three years working in a primary school in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq as a course facilitator for adult training classes and a teacher at both the adult and primary level. Lucy gained invaluable experience in peace education and conflict resolution working in a community where conflict, even if not directly present, constantly affected the community. She is currently learning the Arabic and Kurdish languages. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience of living in the Middle East and getting to be a part of the vibrant and fascinating way of life there. In her spare time Lucy loves spending time with her gorgeous young son Haval, reading, festival films, cooking, yoga, cycling, traveling and spending time with friends and family.