History of The Peace Foundation Part 4

In 1994, the first of a series of books for parents and teachers to help children handle their anger in constructive and non-violent ways - A Volcano in My Tummy - was published. Further resources in this series have been produced subsequently - Little Volcanoes, Adolescent Volcanoes and Volcanoes: Handling Anger (CD Rom). In 1989, when the School Charters were being drawn up under “Tomorrow’s Schools”, the Foundation produced a pamphlet for Boards of Trustee members on the implementation of peace education in schools.  In 2000 the Foundation published Thanks not Spanks, a book designed to give parents and caregivers ideas on how to raise children without resorting to violence, and in 2006 it published Happier Parenting, Happier Children. The series of parenting books have been popular worldwide and have been translated in different languages and for different countries, i.e. Canada and United States of America, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Hungary. 

The Foundation established the Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme in 1991, in conjunction with Yvonne Duncan from Students and Teachers Educating for Peace (STEP) and Alyn Ware from the Mobile Peace Van. This outstandingly successful programme has been termed "an idea whose time has come", and Yvonne Duncan, as the Cool Schools' National Co-ordinator and Trainer from 1994 to 2006, grew the programme. It has been introduced to over 2000 schools around the country. The programme is now managed by Christina Barruel who led the revision of its training resources to align it better with the New Zealand curriculum. The programme provides particularly effective learning to help develop the key competencies of ‘Managing Self and Relationships with Others’ that can be easily incorporated into the health education curriculum. The Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme has also been introduced internationally. Brisbane schools were trained on the programme under a franchise system. A two-year trial of Cool Schools in Fiji began was implemented in 2007-2009. In 2008, Cool Schools was introduced in Hong Kong and Discovery Bay International School has been actively implementing it since then. In 2012, Cool Schools Was introduced in Iceland through the Peace Conference organised by the Scouts Association. The Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme was recognised as one of the 18 international community-level activities contributing to sustainable peace in the International Peacebuilding Approaches Catalogue published by Springboard (Belfast) in 2008. With the international recognition of Cool Schools, there have been interests from schools in Bangkok, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries, and USA to have Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme in their countries.