Christopher Le Breton

General Manager and Head of Peace Development

ChristopherChris Le Breton started to work with The Peace Foundation in November 2015 after having helped organise and run the 2015 conference World Without War: Action for Peace.

Chris spearheaded a new funding approach in 2016 with the launch of a successful crowdfunding initiative. We raised over $200,000.

Chris's retains a home in Dunedin where he was based from 2011-2015. In 2014 he visited Ecuador twice at the invitation of indigenous tribal leaders who asked him to help them stay on their ancestral lands in the face of exploitation of the Yasuni forest from oil companies. In 2010-2011 Chris cycled 12,000km across Australia and Indonesia, leading workshops to promote peaceful,thriving communities in partnership with The Pachamama Alliance. Before that he stood twice for Parliament in the UK/EU, worked in eastern Europe and in Brussels as an environmental adviser and peace-builder, ans facilitated peaceful dialogue between different stakeholder sectors in different countries.

Among his most important achievements was to have persuaded the Governments of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to work together under a Caspian Sea Environment Programme supported by the European Union, United Nations and World Bank. He has lived, worked, and travelled in 101 countries around the world, engaging at all levels, from Government to grassroots, from private sector to the not for profit sector.

Chris still loves to cycle, swim at the Tepid Baths, hear Bob Harvey show films of old times in Titirangi, and envision peace across our planet.