Christina Barruel

Head of Peace Education
(School Programmes)

Christina BarruelManager and Trainer [Christina Barruel] Christina has trained thousands of student peer mediators and teachers during her 24 year association with Cool Schools both as a School Programme Coordinator and in her present position as School Programmes Manager and Trainer for The Peace Foundation. In this role she leads a team of trainers who work in schools throughout New Zealand empowering students and staff with life-long conflict management skills for both personal and professional use. Christina has also introduced the programme to schools in Fiji, Hong Kong, Iceland and, more recently, Los Angeles, USA. Christina comes from a primary teaching background. She has had over 25 years teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools. Her contribution to The Peace Foundation has been invaluable. She has worked at developing a world-class peaceful conflict resolution and peer mediation programme for schools. During 2011, Christina was recognized for her contribution to peace education in New Zealand and was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. This enabled her to spend time with an organization in Seattle, Washington State, USA, who also provide a successful peer mediation programme for schools. “This amazing experience equipped me with lots of ideas and strategies. These have really helped to enhance our own Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme.” Christina continues to remain passionate about her work. She considers it a privilege to work in schools teaching peaceful conflict resolution and peer mediation skills ... what she loves most. Furthermore, she says, "I have the opportunity every day to remind myself... I must practise what I preach!"  Christina enjoys cycling and yoga to keep in good shape. She loves listening to a variety of music, singing and dancing ... "food for the soul". Her regular social activities with family and friends always bring great joy and happiness.